17 May, 2007

Improvised whistling

The last week, I have found a new favorite way to compose - whistling an improvised melody. So, for "Progress", I added a hypothetical whistled melody. I also changed the bass sound and elaborated the rythm just a bit.

Now it sounds like this.

14 May, 2007


Since February, my music composing has been confined to my collaboration with Bristol-based electronica musician Ken Peel. So far, we have co-composed four tracks ("...going on fifth and sixth...") in a very effective and creative kind of process, to me, that is.

Last week, my designer friend Karin and I decided to launch the second project under our [Puie: Dsch] Collaborative-brand. I'm excited to take that collaboration further.

Yesterday, by the piano, I came up with a kind of chord progression I have returned to from time to time. To me, it sounds like a standard synth-pop-song-progression and I'm not really fond of it. The best way to get away from it is to use it in a track once and for all. So, to begin with, I played the chords with an automatic, blip-blop sound on a synth. Then, I added a bass sound with slight delay.

Maybe I'll change those sounds into acoustic sounds instead. Or I'll keep them. That would be a way to kill my darlings.

Here's the electronic version so far.