17 August, 2007

Where's Ögonblick?

My collaboration with Ken Peel now has a name - "Ögonblick".

In Swedish, ‘ögon’ means ‘eyes’ and ‘blick’ means ‘gaze’ or ‘glance’. An ögonblick is the amount of time it takes for an eye to gaze, which is really an instant. Our tracks are like snapshots of different ögonblicks; miniature soundscapes that have their own sounds, harmonies, colours, shapes. The plural form of ögonblick is also ögonblick, it can mean one as well as many.

Ögonblick’s music is driven by spontaneity – drawing intuitively from our many influences, but Ögonblick is not just about experimentation for the sake of experimentation. We are seeking to create lyrical, memorable pieces of music that are spirited and enjoyable.

The first Ögonblick commercial release will be available late 2007 / early 2008.

In the meantime, take a listen at myspace.com/ogonblick!

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